Meet the Staff


Celine Winston

Section Editors

Abigail Prinzo-Burton

Bri Lopez

Danyka Nebel

Layout & Web Design Team

Marcus Hurley: Website Manager

Writers and Photographers

Caleb Sharp: Staff Writer

Emmanuel Son: Staff Writer

Emma Storm: Photographer

Kayla May: Staff Writer

Shy Yamasaki: Staff Writer


3 thoughts on “Meet the Staff

  1. Just read the last edition of BellTower. VERY impressed with the range of topics covered, the quality of the content and the writing, and I surely learned LOTS by the info and insights provided. It’s a real buffet of content, from local to national to “global”, fun to dive into because of the diversity. It helped me understand what’s up on campus, made me think about issues that confront all of us, and had a nice mix of heavy and light topics. All of this to say: NICE work, folks; know it’s appreciated from cover to cover (as is online access too). It’s a meaningful, enjoyable product of which you can collectively be proud.
    Gery, class of ‘71

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