Practicing Self-Care

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer With the pressure of assignments, presentations, and upcoming finals, students have stress that can affect their mental health. Practicing self-care is essential to keep ourselves at our best. Self-care is a process where using behaviors that promote health to take care of oneself. The counseling center is known to have resources … Continue reading Practicing Self-Care

Inslee Electric Car Mandate

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer Governor Jay Inslee has signed an executive order on November 3 that will require state-government cars to all be electric by 2035. The Kent Reporter reports that the order was announced in an international submission in Glasgow, Scotland, which focused on creating ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Executive branch agencies … Continue reading Inslee Electric Car Mandate

Thanksgiving and Saint Martin’s Values

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer As November ends, many students and staff are looking towards the Thanksgiving break, and many students discuss their plans. Senior Annika Briggs says, “My plans for Thanksgiving are to drive to my hometown and spend time with my parents and cousins.” Junior Rhea Herradura explains that over break, “My family has … Continue reading Thanksgiving and Saint Martin’s Values

Campus Resources

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer Saint Martin’s offers a variety of resources to help students achieve success. One of them being the Career Center with the help of director Ann Adams and assistant director Alyssa Nastasi. They help students define and plan for post-graduation as well as guide them to their career goal. Saint Martin’s is … Continue reading Campus Resources


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