Letters to the Editor Policy


Everyone is invited to submit Letters to the Editor (LTE’s) in response to previously published material, or about things not published in the paper. All LTE’s will be responded to either by personal response, publication on the website, or in print in The Belltower as space allows.

  1. All letters must be signed by the author to be published. Names can be withheld upon request of the author and at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief (EIC). The author must have some credible contact information (e-mail, telephone number, and/or address) for notification and verification.
  2. The Belltower reserves the right to edit letters for length and grammar.
  3. Letters of questionable taste will be evaluated by the EIC and editorial board and in applicable situations will be voted on and handled as the board sees fit.
  4. Letters of questionable origin will not be published until confirmation of the author has been made.
  5. As time permits, writers of letters will be contacted for confirmation.
  6. The Belltower reserves the right to not publish any letters deemed libelous, obscene, in poor taste, or otherwise unfit to print. The EIC will make this final decision upon consultation with the editorial board and faculty adviser.
  7. The Belltower reserves the right to print a selected number of LTE’s as space allows. The EIC makes this decision on a case-by-case basis. Those not printed will be published on the website if they adhere to the above policies.