About Us

Our Mission:

At The Belltower, we strive to report any and all of our content factually and unbiased, and hold all content to the standards of journalistic integrity. The Belltower is an outlet for information, conversation, and community. We vow to be a publication worthy of our community and campus, providing to the best of our ability the highest quality content possible without silencing student voices.

About Us:

Samantha Benton
Photo Courtesy Samantha Benton

The Belltower is a student run newspaper located at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington. Our staff is compromised completely of students, with a faculty adviser to guide us in our mission. We publish approximately five issues every semester featuring our student writers, editors, layout team, business team, photographers, and guest submissions.

 The Belltower is the newest resurrection of the long tradition of student newspapers at Saint Martin’s. The current incarnation began in 2008. Many of our previous editions are available in our Archives. Previously, we published content under various names, including The Martian. There has been a student newspaper in some form at Saint Martin’s since the 1940’s, and we hope to continue this tradition for many more decades.

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