Resident Assistant Highlight: Shaina Marie Agonoy-Pasucua

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

Resident Assistants, or “RAs” here on campus, do and provide a lot of resources for us students. The RAs at SMU are very hardworking and dedicated and hold a special place in our hearts for how much they do for us. RA’s create and host events based on our Benedictine Values and can help us learn more about leadership as well.

Let’s introduce Shaina Marie Agonoy-Pasucua. She is a second-year RA while being a third-year, balancing her double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Shaina became an RA because she had a constant desire to be involved here on campus. As well as looking up to her RA she had during her freshman year and did a lot of work for her floor. Additionally, she had experience in high school in many different leadership positions. Nonetheless, she wants to be an example to many other students here to become an RA and be involved with housing. 

Since Shaina is an upperclassman RA, getting residents on her floor to participate in events is difficult due to their busy schedules. Shaina shares that “Juniors and Seniors care most about graduation and other matters. Due to time and schedule conflicts, particularly those involving gradation and time consumption, different grade levels radiate different energy than freshman grades.” She wants to make sure that the last years for our juniors and seniors are memorable. Something that she is happy about is that being an RA means she is working with amazing student leaders who are also dedicated to meeting the needs of residents. Additionally, she enjoys event planning, so she uses resources here at SMU to host events for the student body here on campus. Becoming an RA can put different situations into perspective and allow for learning opportunities.

Shaina also shares that she can “see how committed student leaders are to providing an experience for students, particularly first-year or newcomers. Relating to hospitality and community living, our benedictine values which is one of the main goals to provide excellent service recognition to our campus residents. Since I may have a lot going on as a senior and double major, I can’t help others if I can’t help myself.” She wants to share a tip with everyone: being a good RA or student leader doesn’t mean we have to live how other residents or students expect of us. Additionally, “if anyone refers others as a ‘good student leader or RA’ or if someone does not acknowledge your contributions, you don’t have to live up to that expectation in order to be one,” Shaina states.

As we continue into the next few years of college, we must recognize all the hard work, dedication, and perseverance all of our RAs show. You can show appreciation for what your RA does by attending some of the numerous hosted events around campus. It doesn’t hurt to try and be friends with your RA and create a bond with them. They support you, so take opportunities to let them know you are thankful for it.

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