Student Highlight: Michael Yamaguchi

Shy Yamasaki, Staff Writer

Student-athletes here on campus play a high role in bringing other students together. Due to the circumstances, many different athletic events have been live-streamed to keep everyone in the loop. The seasons for many of the spring sports will be ending very soon. The teams keep the students updated by either posting game dates and times on social media pages or the SMU Saints athletics page. Sports have changed due to COVID-19, but all the teams have made it work by taking mandatory COVID-19 tests, practicing in small groups and traveling under safety precautions. Balancing school and sports can be difficult, tiring and hard to handle sometimes, but athletes here on campus know how to manage it.

One such student-athlete is baseball player Michael Yamaguchi, who is a first-year coming from Iolani School in Honolulu Hawaiʻi. One thing that Michael likes about being a student-athlete is being able to form a deep bond with people on his team because it is truly something special. Bonding with one’s team is very important since it creates memories that you will never forget. Especially during this season of COVID-19, team bonds are crucial since teams are practicing in small groups and traveling with different people. Yamaguchi said, “Balancing school with baseball is stressful and tiring at some points. You just have to find a way through it so that you’re able to enjoy playing on the field.”

Some highlights that Yamaguchi has experienced from baseball are traveling on the road for the first time and his time spent on the field with his fellow players. A perk that Yamaguchi says  Saint Martin’s has is that the campus is a beautiful place to attend college. “The people here are extremely nice and the campus is amazing. The presence of sports teams really brings the community together even though it’s quite difficult with COVID-19,” he said. Yamaguchi also shared that he is extremely grateful for the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, and that the most memorable event that happened to him was getting his first collegiate hit during a game. 

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