Seahawks Defensive Struggles Continue

Kierrla Yates, Staff Writer

Seattle’s Russell Wilson going in for a quarterback sneak touchdown against the Buffalo Bills. Photo retrieved from

Gearing up for their week ten game, the Seahawks have much to improve upon from their last few appearances. The Seahawks are currently leading the NFC West with a record of 6-2, following close behind with a record of 5-3 are the Cardinals and the Rams. On Sunday, November 8th, Seattle played a tough game against the Buffalo Bills, one of the best teams in the National Football League (NFL) this year. The Bills were 6-2 heading into their game against the Seahawks, which meant Seattle needed to be on their A-game to take home a win. Unfortunately, even though they only lost the game by ten points, the Seahawks were never close.

During the First Take review of the game by ESPN, it was explained that the Seattle Seahawks have given up the most yards in eight games this year, than any other team in NFL history. In fact, one of the only teams that comes close to this was the 2012 Seahawks defense. Some thought the blame might have been on Russell Wilson for the loss against the Bills. However, the real problem lies with the defense. Seattle has a very flat-footed defense; they looked tired and weak in all of their games so far this season. Stephen A. Smith spoke on ESPN about Seattle’s game against the Bills and his analysis gave no niceties. Smith said, “If you’re the Seattle Seahawks usually you have a better defense. But their defense is horrible, you can do anything against their defense. You can pass in them, all day long.” This is a huge problem for Seattle or any team in the NFL to have.

When you have a weak defense, it puts all of the pressure on the offense. Specifically, it puts the most pressure on the quarterback. When there is an easily broken defense, it forces the quarterback to make tough decisions and plays while trying to avoid getting sacked or forcing a bad play. A quarterback could only avoid those outcomes for so long. That’s what happened to Seattle during their game with the Bills. The Buffalo Bills were able to break into Seattle’s defense time after time again, putting Russel Wilson and the offense in challenging situations. Wilson was able to save many plays and make moves. However, he could not, nor could anyone, keep that up for an entire game. Wilson is a dynamite quarterback, but if the Seahawks do not strengthen their defense, it will only get harder for the offense to make amazing plays.

One other issue that Seattle had during the game with the Bills, was a weak running game. Normally, Seattle’s running game can act as a sort of buffer to make up for the lack of strength in their defense, however with their top three running backs on injured reserve, this has not been the case. The Seahawks have a few fantastic players like D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, but two offensive stars on their A-game is not enough to create that buffer for the defense. Essentially, for the Seattle Seahawks to come back and be one of the top teams in the NFL, they need to start a fire under the defense. They do that and you’ll most likely see the rest of the offense have an easier time putting out their top performances because they no longer carry massive unnecessary pressure.

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