Saint Martin’s student senators finalize event plans, fund club budgets

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer

The Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU) has continued meeting during COVID-19, hosting virtual meetings that are open to the public. ASSMU Executive Secretary Hannah Salapka, and Executive Treasurer Kaitlyn Slade reported their involvement planning an upcoming event called Whine, Dine, and Shine during a meeting on Oct. 15th. This event will serve as a space for talking about both positive and negative things about Saint Martin’s University, and will take place on Nov. 10th. 

Senator of Business Kita Keopanapay shared in an Oct. 22nd meeting how Salapka had given her a crash course on writing an ASSMU resolution. This is helpful as Keopanapay, Senator of Engineering Brendan Leistiko and  Senator of Life Sciences Karlee Kawasaki are working on a resolution to increase printing money each student is allotted per semester. 

Micah Au-Haupu, Senator of Commuter Students, is continuing to hear out the thoughts and concerns of commuter students regarding the last few weeks of the semester and encourages everyone to push through as the school year is coming to an end. 

On Oct. 22nd, a motion for the Engineers Without Borders budget request of $1500 was made by Leistiko to fully fund the approval. The motion was seconded by the Senator of Arts and Sciences, and was carried unanimously. A budget request by Saint Martin’s University Future Educators (SMUFE) club was partially funded, and a budget request by the Dungeons and Dragons club was fully funded during the Oct. 15th meeting. 

The student body is always welcome to attend these meetings. Zoom links are sent out before each meeting to every student’s email, and are held every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PST. 

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