Saints baseball and softball are in full swing 

John Gerchak, Staff Writer 


Saint Marin’s is finally getting into the baseball and softball season. With the two teams having a combined 16 games under their belt, softball is 5-4 and baseball is 4-3. Though softball was recently rocked by the Concordia Irvine Eagles, the individual performances of team members has been excellent. Especially given that the team has not even played any home games, yet. 

There are four players on the women’s team that have over 25 plate appearances and have a batting average over .300. Those players are Emery Norwood, Kylee Vanderbout, Regan Byrd, and Julia Lucas, listed in order of the number of plate appearances. The defensive fielding looks solid on paper. This early into the season, there are still a myriad of players with perfect fielding percentages, so it is hard to tell how good the fielding will be throughout the remainder of the season. 

Senior Brandi Schoessler is in the front of the pitching lineup. She currently has the lowest earned run average and walks per inning, and has thrown for the most innings. All things considered, softball is putting together a solid season and seems to be prepared to return to Lacey for a doubleheader against Western Oregon on Mar. 7. The next day the team plays against Concordia, where they will have a chance to jumpstart the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) play with four straight home games.  

The men’s team is currently sitting at 4-3, but unlike softball, they do not get the luxury of beginning GNAC play at home. Instead, they will head down to Portland and play against Concordia four straight times over that weekend. 

Reflecting on what the team has already accomplished from an offensive standpoint, Aaron Renaud and Ryne Oshiro have gotten off to a solid start. Unfortunately, because the men have played even fewer games than the women, many of the players have not made enough plate appearances to equalize their stats. The men’s fielding percentages are also high because of where the team is in the season.

 These sorts of high-volume stats usually take about 20 games to even out. As for pitching, Drew Rose has not given up any runs through five innings. Harrison Goebel does not have a loss on the season so far, and he is one good outing away from putting his earned run average under 3.00. Baseball’s opening home game is on Mar. 6 against Montana State Billings, who is currently leading the GNAC by win percentage.

As far as league standing goes, the men’s team is currently in second place, so a good series against Montana State could put them in the lead. The women’s team is currently sixth when ranked by win percentage. The current GNAC leader in softball is Simon Fraser, who the Saints  will not play until Mar. 15. 

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